A little about EBikes

An e-bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion. There is a great variety of e-bikes available worldwide, from e-bikes that only have a small motor to assist the rider's pedal-power to somewhat more powerful e-bikes which are closer to moped-style functionality. They all retain the ability to be pedaled by the rider and are therefore not electric motorcycles. Most can be ridden as a regular bike with no electric assist at all. E-bikes use rechargeable batteries giving the rider a range of at least 20 miles at 20 mph, with the ability to go farther depending on the amount of "help" you want. To some people the idea of an electric bicycle sounds strange. Why would you want to put a motor on a bicycle that you can just pedal? Riding a traditional bike over hills and into headwinds can be very challenging. An electric bike can flatten those hill and turn a headwind into a tailwind. E-bikes can enable people with an injury or health issues to ride a bike again. Overall, e-bikes provide a way for many more people to enjoy a bike ride. An e-bike can get you around town quicker than a traditional bike and you can arrive at work without sweating or worrying abut finding that elusive parking space.. Commuting by electric bike is one of the best ways to have the bike to pay for itself. An electric cargo bike can be a great car alternative/replacement because you can carry people and/or cargo.   Electric bikes are equalizers. An e-bike can help couples, families and/or friends ride together. Not everyone has the same fitness level and an electric bike can help those who are not as fast on a conventional bike ride with family and friends who are faster. Electric bikes are great for just having fun! Adding some assist to your ride will put a smile on your face. To experience said smile, stop by DeLand Cyclery at 111 W. Indiana Ave in  downtown DeLand and take one for a spin!